Our Story

  1. Melissa is born in Marin, California.
    Eugene is born in Kiev, Ukraine.

  2. Melissa and Eugene first meet.
    (Mel was trying to swindle Eugene out of one of the t-shirts he was selling.)

  3. Eugene drives Mel home from prom (not each other's dates), they park and talk for an hour. (Mel grounded.)

  4. Eugene tries to set up Melissa with his classmate at California Tortilla; a bird poops on Eugene's hand/burrito. Mel leaves for South Africa the next day.

  5. Melissa and Eugene's 1st official date: Landon Homecoming... 11yrs ago!

  6. Going steady... Holton Arms Prom.

  7. Off to college with a valiant plan for a mature long-distance relationship.

  8. Melissa and Eugene take a break from their mature long-distance relationship as Mel moves out to USC.

  9. Graduate and embark on respective Eurotrips. Meet in Cinque Terra, agree to give it another try as grown-ups.

  10. Move to NYC: Mel moves to Chelsea, Eug basically moves into a frat house.

  11. Melissa and Eugene take the plunge and move in together... Roomies!

  12. Melissa and Eugene become domestic partners in NY State.
    (So she can use his health insurance.)

  13. Eugene tells Michael and Yelena that he plans to make an honest woman out of Melissa, they say it's about time.

  14. Eugene asks Peter for Melissa's hand in marriage, he says it's about time.

December 26, 2012

Eugene asks Melissa to marry him after a snowshoe in Grand Teton National Park.

(After confirming several times that it is really not a joke.)